Child Education

Child Education Issue in Haryana

wwwwwwwwChild Education Problems in Haryana have been in existence for quite some time now and these continue to pursue the concerned. Haryana has reached astounding attainment in economic sector and this has brought a lot of changes in the education sector. But these changes have not proved to be sufficient to solve the ever -existent and ever -changing Child Education Issues in Haryana. The problems of education system in Haryana are of grave concern and this concern has not been disregarded.  Increase in budget allocation is not new but what do not grow are the effects of these efforts, which have been far too less than in contrast to the western counterparts. India today is the Second Largest Higher Education Network in the World. There are 343 Universities and 17000 Colleges which are increasing in number every year. A country with over 1 Billion population has a state like Haryana where just one third population can read. Haryana accounts for India’s 30% literates.