Employment Issues

Employment Issues in Haryana

Haryana unemployment Every political party that has come to power in Haryana has claimed to have handed out thousands of jobs for the state’s youths. The Congress made this claim when it ruled Haryana for nearly a decade. Now, the BJP has also announced 50,000 jobs in various sectors.

The government carries out major recruitment drives for the police force or for teachers and doctors, but thousands who fall outside this net are still flocking to the state’s employment exchanges in spite of the declining role of the employment department in job placement.

Haryana and Union Territory of Chandigarh recorded unemployment rates of 3.2 per cent and 2.8 per cent respectively and secured 13th and 9th position respectively at all India level during the period.

Causes of Unemployment in Haryana

  • Absence of employment opportunities.
  • Slow developing industries.
  • Insufficient Rate of Economic Progress.

Unemployment rate

Unemployment rate was 3% in both current daily status (cds) and current weekly status (cws) approach and 2% in the usual status approach, i.e., in usual (adj.).  According to usual status (ps+ss), the unemployment rate (Number of persons unemployed per 1000 persons in labour force) was 19 in rural areas and 38 in the urban areas. The unemployment rate for females was lower than males in rural areas, where as it was higher in urban areas. In the rural areas, generally, the female unemployment rate was lower than the male unemployment rate, in all the approaches of measurement, but this trend was reverse in the case of urban areas.  In the rural areas, female unemployment rate stood at 2% in cds compared to 3% for males while in the urban areas, female unemployment rate in the cds was nearly 13% which was 9 % higher compared to male unemployment rate.